Humanistic Psychotherapy

Reasons for psychotherapy vary among clients. Many people want change in their lives and need help achieving that. This is usually due to feeling blocked, feeling stuck and not knowing what to do. Negative feelings and thoughts, fears, social problems, crises or life-altering events are usually reasons for psychotherapy. Also, attachment problems are a recurring theme in many therapies.

What is person-centered psychotherapy?

It is often important for clients to become aware of what is important in one’s life and in one’s relationships – regardless of social norms and evaluation from the outside. A major goal in psychotherapy is often the wish to understand oneself better and leave the negative behind. Quite often clients come to therapy with the questions “What’s wrong with me?” or “What is going on (with me)?” – there is a desire for self-exploration. This is especially important when it comes to recurring negative patterns of behavior and emotions.

In this need for self-exploration, clients generally determine the topics of the sessions. They are supported in their self-reflection by the therapist in order to achieve individual therapy goals. Through the psychotherapeutic bond, it can be easier to allow inner experiences that seemed threatening before.

Every now and then, it is difficult for clients to make progress on their path to healing. In such cases, Focusing or body-focused methods can help to further explore physical reactions to psychological events. You will find some links for more information about these methods on this website.

Duration and costs

A psychotherapeutic process usually lasts at least half a year and includes at least 20 sessions. Counseling processes are usually shorter. At the beginning of psychotherapy, it is important that therapist and client get to know each other, which is why the first session is important. After three to five sessions, a decision should then be made as to whether psychotherapy makes sense for client and therapist. Therapy goals are discussed as well as the possible duration of therapy.