Useful Links

Further Reading for Clients

Esther Perel’s work especially deals with the question how passion and desire can be upheld in long relationships. She also addresses reasons and effects of infidelity. Her TED-talks, which are also available on youtube, give further information on the topics.

Stefanie Stahl has written a multitude of books, which can be used to identify personal strengths and potentials.

Helen Fisher does interesting research in the field of neuropsychology focusing on attachment and love. Her lectures are also available on youtube.

An Atlas of Emotions may sound corny to some, however, the Ekmans paired with the Dalai Lama in order to systematize human emotion. The goal of this project is for individuals to identify emotions more quickly in order to further their self-exploration and self-awareness.

New research also shows where the human body feels emotions, as a study by the university Aalto in Finland shows, which also Spiegel Online reported about in German.


My training institute in Austria is the Austrian Federation for Person-centered Psychotherapy and Supervision – FORUM (FORUM-APG). I will complete my Austrian psychotherapy training in 2024.

The Austrian Union for Psychotherapy (ÖBVP) is the largest interest group of psychotherapists in Austria. Their ethics committee is also available for clients’ complaints.

The Society for Scientific Person-centered Psychotherapy and Counseling (GWG) as well as the German Psychological Society for Person-centered Psychotherapy (DPGG) are the two main interest groups for Person-centered Psychotherapy in Germany.

Other Relevant Organisations

The German Federation for Humanistic Psychotherapy (AGHPT) is the main interst group for humanistic psychotherapy associations in Germany. The education videos and interviews on their website that provide useful orientation for the wide spectrum psychotherapy are, however, only in German.